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Academics forms an integral part of any health care institution and is judged by the quality of training & implementation. Our primary concern is to develop patterns of training for postgraduate candidates & paramedical trainees.

Academic Programme

  1. DNB
  2. IGNOU - Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Cardiology (PGDCC)
  3. Medvarsity - Online Courses
  4. Emergency Medicine
  5. Certificate Courses

Diploma in Emergency Medicine

1900 doctors trained and educated in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine until date.

The Diploma in Emergency Medicine is offered by RCGP, UK and Medvarsity Online Ltd. The duration is 1 year and an extensive 9-month contact program at Apollo Hospitals. The quality of the program is assured by RCGP, UK.

Currently, there is a huge demand for trained professionals in accident and emergency care and is expected to rise significantly. As per a BBC report one person dies every 6 minutes and 10 people are critically injured in road traffic accidents in India.

Emergency Medicine is relatively new in India but is fast growing to be a critical specialty. There are very few training programs for Emergency Medicine while the demand for qualified emergency physicians is massive. Those who train in this specialty now have an exciting career ahead of them as many institutes across the country and abroad are in desperate search of qualified emergency physicians.

Medvarsity also offers a 6-month course in Intensive Care Medicine with a rigorous 15-day contact program at Apollo Hospitals. This program is designed to develop registered and graduate medical professionals into intensive care practitioners through a programmed approach of knowledge and skills acquisition coupled with a critical thinking focus.This program also prepares the student to take full responsibility for the quality of treatment and care of the critically ill patient. The course material has been developed by experienced specialists from Apollo Hospitals and Medvarsity.

Diploma in Family Medicine

Trained 1022 doctors in the field of Family Medicine.

The Diploma in Family Medicine is a one year course with a 3 month contact program at Apollo Hospitals. The course is quality assured by RCGP who also act as external examiners during the assessments.

The Family Medicine Course gives doctors in India a chance to upgrade their knowledge and skill online followed by full time clinical attachment.

The demand for family medicine courses run by various institutions is seeing a major increase. As against just 50 MBBS students enrolling to become family physicians a couple of years ago, the numbers reached close to 300 in 2011. This is mainly because private hospitals have increased their recruitment for general practitioners.

Introduction of Family Medicine as a PG discipline has been emphasized by the Bhore Committee, National Health Policy 2002, National Knowledge Commission and the taskforce on human resource for NRHM.

Fellowship in Dialysis

Medvarsity has successfully trained about 100 students in the field of Dialysis.

There are about 1.5 million people currently undergoing renal replacement therapy in India and the number is expected to double within the next 10 years.

This 6 months course followed by 2-week hands on training will enable professionals to play a crucial role in delivering the best dialysis treatment and discuss the value of teamwork during dialysis.

Diploma in Hospital Administration

Medvarsity has successfully trained and developed 6000 graduates in the field of Hospital Administration.

This one year course which involves a 15 day contact session and project work prepares qualified and efficient administrators to manage modern hospitals and deliver better healthcare.

Until recently, doctors without any professional training in management were assigned managerial roles. Besides being a difficult task, doctors barely managed to devote time to their patients. Thanks to the rapid corporatization, a lot of medical graduates are taking up further specialization in hospital administration. Even non-medical professionals are increasingly taking up the mantle of hospital administration. The government too is veering around to the view that public hospitals also need to be run professionally. Hence there is a strong need for a course in Healthcare Management.

It is evident that there is a wide gap between supply and demand for trained healthcare managers / administrators to work for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance and third party administrators and other healthcare organizations. There are bright opportunities even in the government sector. The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) looks forward to appoint healthcare administrators. The demand for healthcare professionals is envisaged to increase manifold in the years to come with more and more hospitals expected to increase in semi-urban and rural areas.

Certificate Course in the Management of Diabetes

Successfully provided education and training to 630 students in the field of Diabetes Management.

An estimated 41 million Indians are diabetic and this figure is expected to reach 73 million by 2025 making India the diabetes capital of the world.

This 6 month course followed by a 1-week contact program will impart knowledge, skills and confidence in the delivery of diabetes care and to respond appropriately in complex practice situations with other professionals.

Certificate Course in Healthcare Quality Management

Trained and certified 2430 healthcare professionals in Quality Management.

Quality improvement has to be the core competency for every healthcare manager and clinician at every level of medical practice. An increasingly educated public expects to receive nothing less than excellent care and services and it must be the mission of every healthcare organization to deliver that excellence.

The 6-month Certificate Course in Healthcare Quality is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation of all the core elements of healthcare quality improvement. The fundamental concepts, tools and management techniques of quality are extensively covered in this program.

Nursing Courses

Trained and certified around 425 nurses in various specialties.

Nurses and nursing assistants form the largest group of workers in health sector. They are required in the hospitals and health centers right from general ward to operation theatre. Therefore, with the growth of the health industry, the demand for nurses is also increasing making a career in nursing very attractive.

With increasing health consciousness in India, the quality of health services has improved. Skilled and specialized nurses are in high demand by the health organizations.

Medvarsity offers nursing courses of 3 months duration in Cancer and Palliative Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Nursing Administration, Critical Care Nursing, Cardiac Nursing and Ward Sister Course which are available online and offline for nursing graduates who wish to enhance their skills in specialized areas.

Fellowship in Neurological Rehabilitation

More than 350 students have been awarded successfully.

This is a flexible program designed for health professionals with an interest in neurological rehabilitation wishing to enhance their career potential in this field; the program is transferable across health care settings nationally and internationally and enables students to apply underpinning principles to their specific areas of work; it encourages debate, critique and self-analysis of a health care professional’s own clinical practice; it enables students to promote and lead change and be responsive in a changing health care environment.

Fellowship in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

There are 448 health care professionals that have been trained & educated.

This unique course enables specialist registrars to acquire a scientific and analytical approach to orthopaedic practice, and engenders a class of orthopaedic rehabilitation with a depth and breadth of skills, knowledge and attitude based on a solid foundation of science and clinical expertise.

This E – Learning covers a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal topics, including basic science and clinical aspects. It aims to give students, in a multidisciplinary setting, a holistic view of musculoskeletal science and rehabilitation, and provides an in-depth knowledge of specific areas appropriate to each student’s individual interests.

Fellowship in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Medvarsity was able to deliver the course on FCR to 473 health care professionals successfully.

This course aims to provide health professionals with an understanding of cardiovascular rehabilitation and prevention, to prepare health professionals to provide an effective cardiac rehabilitation service, and to objectively evaluate their practice through research. It also aims to develop the health professionals’ knowledge of current prevention strategies in the area of cardiovascular disease. The student will gain research experience and undertake a research dissertation.

Fellowship in Sports Sciences

The FSS program started in 2005. Since then Medvarsity has trained 271 physical therapists, sports nutritionists & other health care professionals.

Offers knowledge and expertise: to develop students’ evaluative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to increase their practical and theoretical knowledge of sports science and injury, so that they can apply these skills in the further advancement of their profession.

Fellowship in Applied Nutrition

This program is available to study via distance learning (E – learning). Medvarsity trained 313 health care professionals.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and critical skills to design intervention strategies for nutrition-related disorders such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. You will enhance your understanding of physiology and biochemistry together with food science and food microbiology. By thoroughly exploring the current developments of nutritional issues you will learn how to influence national and regional policies and encourage evidence-based best practice.

This was the first pioneering in Applied Nutrition to be started in India (in 2005) and it has gained an international reputation, attracting students worldwide. We have a well-established academic staff team with a wide range of clinical, nutritional and dietary research interests.

The program is designed for all members of Nutrition Support Teams in hospitals (i.e. dieticians, doctors, nurses, speech and language therapists and pharmacists).

International Postgraduate Paediatric Certificate

International Postgraduate Paediatric Certificate is a unique international program to learn Global Best Practices in Paediatrics conducted by The University of Sydney and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Australia in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation (AHERF) and Medvarsity. The course was started in September 2010 and is equivalent to Diploma in Child Health in Australia.

It is a one year online program with contact classes at three centres – Apollo Hospitals, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. The IPPC offers an excellent, comprehensive overview of paediatrics that is evidence based and teaches current best practice in child health care. The main deliverables of the programme are 111 Lecture Units with one Lecture Unit equal to a recorded lecture, learning outcomes, lecture notes and self-assessment. They are supplemented with newsletters and case presentations.

Apollo Medical Development Program

Medical profession is one where the ability to deal with people effectively and politely, more than mere occupational skills, can determine the professional success of a doctor. Modern medicine provides today’s doctors with a wealth of study material and ever increasing volumes of medical literature. However, a busy doctor may find it difficult to shift the necessary knowledge from this vast sea of information and may lose sight of the basic practical medicine, which is most important in today’s practice. Therefore, arises a need for a comprehensive ongoing training programme covering common clinical procedures and practices to ensure standardization of patient care. The world today recognizes that patients cannot be the learning grounds for invasive procedures and skill simulation training is becoming the norm of the day in medical education. Hence, the Apollo Medical Development Program introduces soft skills training and skill simulation training at Apollo Hospitals. The first batch has begun at Apollo Delhi in December 2011.

Apollo Medical Development program is designed as a six month program that shall cover:

Soft skills training 6 modules
Knowledge based training 5 modules of basic and 5 modules of advanced
Computer training 1 module
Online simulation training 10 courses

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