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Stroke is a major public health problem in Asian sub continent. It is sudden event due to problem in the blood tubes in the brain which are either blocked or ruptured.

It is called “BRAIN ATTACK” unlike heart attack it is usually painless, not many people can recognise the symptoms of stroke properly .Every 3 minutes someone dies of stroke all over world.

About 20 million people suffer from stroke each year all over the world ,85% of deaths related to stroke in developing countries. Nearly 20 -40% of all patients affected with stroke die within one month if not treated properly . 70% all stroke occur after 65 years .12% of all strokes occur in people below below 40 years.

It is preventable, when it strikes, causes fatality, physical and psychological dependency.

Common symptoms

  • Sudden loss of power in one half of the body.
  • Sudden loss of vision / sensation in any part of the body.
  • Unconsciousness/ altered conscious level /abnormal behaviour.
  • Difficulty to speak and understand what is told.
  • Stroke risk factors
  • Modifiable risk factors: High blood pressure , Diabetes mellitus , Cigarette smoking ,Heart diseases, raised cholesterol level, obesity and TIA or so called warning strokes.

Tests done to diagnose

  • Blood investigations.
  • Imaging : C.T scan /MRI scan of brain ,Doppler study of blood vessels.
  • Test to evaluate heart function.

How is brain stroke treated

Stoke treatment involves many specialities , team leader- Neurologist ,Neurosurgeon, trained nurses ,physiotherapist ,speech and language therapist ,occupational therapist etc .

The earlier stroke is treated it gives best possible outcome.

Don’t waste any time after the first symptom of stroke ,because if seen major hospitals an injection –CLOT BUSTER is available to treat ,but it should be given with in 4.30 hours after the first symptoms of stroke .It is given after ensuring the type of stroke (given for ischemic strokes –where there is blood clot blocking the tube )status of BP ,Blood sugar any bleeding tendencies. Most useful for moderately severe strokes .

Other methods to treat – surgery and other mechanical devices to remove the clot , stenting and clipping. Drugs to reduce swelling are commonly used.

Aspirin and other blood thinners are used further strokes. Anti coagulants are used if veins in the brain blocked Rehabilitation includes active physiotherapy , speech therapy , occupational therapy and diet advice.

Preventive of stroke

Good control of BP, Diabetes and cholesterol, Cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption. Daily Physical exercises.

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