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Densely packed, intricately patterned, substrate of mind and awareness, the human brain is a wonder of nature. In an acute ischemic stroke, vast numbers of neurons, synapses, and nerve fibres are irretrievably lost every moment in which treatment does not occur.


The phrase “time is brain” emphasizes that human nervous tissue is rapidly lost as stroke progresses and that therapeutic interventions should be emergently pursued. Average number of neurons in the human brain is 22 billion. In patients experiencing a typical large vessel acute ischemic stroke, 120 million neurons, 830 billion synapses (nerve joints) and 714 km (447miles) of myelinated fibers are lost each hour. In each minute 1.9 million neurons, 14 billion synapses and 12km (7.5miles) of myelinated fibers are destroyed. Compared with the normal rate of neuron loss in brain aging, the ischemic brain ages 3.6 years each hour without treatment. These figures stagger and motivate the physicians.

Ischemic stroke is a highly treatable neuroemergency and interventional neuroradiologists can now treat the stroke patients. It is treated either by using “clot bursting chemicals” which are delivered directly into the clot within first 6 hours of stroke or directly by extracting the clot using state of art tiny devices in the first 8 hours using angiographic suite.

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