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Labral Tear/ Shoulder Instability Surgeryshoulder-surgery

If, despite physical therapy, instability cannot be controlled, then surgery is often considered. The goals of surgery are to restore stability and motion to the affected shoulder. In most cases, minimally invasive surgery such as shoulder arthroscopy can be used to repair the damaged ligaments. In some instan
ces, an open surgical approach may be chosen if prior techniques have failed, or if there is significant bone deficiency from multiple dislocations. Surgery may be the first line treatment for young patients who are at high risk of recurrent dislocation, such as contact athletes. Some studies have shown that these patients benefit from earlier surgical intervention, bypassing the traditional method of trying physical therapy first. It is paramount that patients consult with their sports medicine physician in order to come up with the treatment strategy best for them.

Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction

A common sports and accident injury to shoulder where the acromio clavicular joint dislocates due to tear of A-C joint stabilizing ligaments .we have a very specialised technique to reconstruct it using bodys own tissue to regain the initial stability.The reconstruction is done usingthe hamstring tendons harvested from the patients own body & trying to re construct the torn AC joint ligaments.

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