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The Frequently Asked Questions Related To Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

When will my pain go away following TKR?

Due to the actual surgery itself, you can expect to have some pain for few weeks. Everyone is different, so the amount of pain varies from patient to patient.

How long will I have to use walker or a stick after TKR?

This is different for each individual, you can expect to be getting up and walking 1st day after the surgery with walker. You can expect to be using the walker between 1 to 2 weeks (depending upon your balance and progress). As, you progress your therapist may suggest the use of walking stick (quardripod). Eventually, you may not need any assistive device depending on your general help prior to surgery.

How long will I be incapacitated?

You will probably stay in the bed, the day of your surgery. However the next morning, you will get up and sit in a recliner and you should be walking with a walker later in the day.

How long will I be in the hospital?

Most knee patient are hospitalized 1 week after their surgery. Depending on your recovery and home support available, you may be discharged in a week.

Will I need any equipment?

Yes, the equipments are,

  • Adult walker
  • Quadripord walking stick
  • Commode elevator or raiser
  • If you feel any difficulty in sitting and getting up from your normal commode.

Do you recommended any restriction following the surgery ?

Yes, high impact activities such as

  • Running
  • Single tennis
  • Basket ball
  • Downhill skiing
  • Football, are not recommended.

What physical / recreational activities may I participate in after my recovery ?

Your are increased to participate in low impact activities such as,

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Cycling

Will I notice anything different about my knee?

You may have a area of numbness to the outside of a scar which may last a year or more and it is not serious. Kneeling may be uncomfortable for a year or more.

Some patient notice some clicking when they move their knee, but it is normal and it is the result of artificial surfaces coming together and it is not serious.

What is the ideal height of chair or bed from floor?

Approximately 19 to 20 inches from the floor.

What about ice or cold pack application?

Continue to apply ice packs to the incision area for 20 minutes interval for few minutes each day. Cold therapy will continue to reduce swelling or discomfort.

Is hot pack is useful in TKR?

No, you should not apply any hot or heating modalities for TKR patients.

How much knee bending or flexion I will get after TKR?

It will depend upon the prosthesis. In general, patients will get 120.

Is swelling of leg knee ankle or foot is common after TKR and when will it subside?

Most patient will develop swelling in the operated legs after surgery, although the amount of swelling can very from patient, the swelling itself is normal.

Swelling will resolve gradually after several weeks following the surgery.

What are precautions after THR?

  • Do not cross your leg at knee.
  • Do not twist your body at waist.
  • Do not turn operated foot inward.
  • Do not flex your hip greater than 90.
  • Keep pillows between legs when sleeping.
  • Do not squat on the floor
  • May sleep on the operated side two weeks after surgery with pillows between your legs.

How long I maintain hip precautions?

Complete hip precautions are normally maintain for 6 to 10 weeks following surgery.

Is knee brace and walking aids is necessary to use in walking time after ACL reconstruction?

Yes, it is necessary until your doctor advice.

How long is physical therapy after ACL reconstruction?

The goal of therapy is to control pain and swelling, restore motion, develop muscle strength, restore function and to promote you to return to your sport of choice. This can be vary from patient , but it take 2 to 3 months.

When can I return to sports after knee arthroscopy?

You are allowed to run golf and do other non-pivoting sports at 5 months, depending on your knee is progressing. Full return to contact to sports is allowed at 6 month, depending on the condition of your knee.

Can other parts of the knee get damaged when the ACL is torn?

It is very common for other injuries to occur at the same time as an ACL tear. Damage to menisus, cartilage and ligaments is possible.

What to do to reduce pain?

Avoid activities that aggravates the pain like bending forward, lifting heavy objects. Strengthen your core muscles with appropriate exercises.

How to prevent low back pain?

Strengthening exercises for the back and core muscles. Avoiding carrying heavy objects/weights. Avoiding forward bending.

Can the type of mattress used for sleeping influence low back pain?

A hard mattress should nor be used since it dose nor allow equal weight distribution in supine position. Use of a spring mattress or mattress which allows proper support to the contours of the spine is advisable in low back pain.

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