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Definition of a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

Children are not just small adults. This is especially true when it comes to childrens’ bones and joints, and the problems they can have with their musculoskeletal system. A pediatric orthopaedist is the best-trained and most experienced doctor to properly evaluate and treat bone or joint or muscle problems in a child who is still growing. A pediatric orthopaedic surgeon is a doctor who takes care of children with musculoskeletal problems. That means any child with a bone, joint, or muscle problem or disease and certain nerve problems and diseases. If your child has something wrong with his or her arms, legs, hands, feet or spine, a pediatric orthopaedist is most likely to be the most appropriate doctor to see. Pediatric orthopaedists take care of..
  • Abnormalities in how children walk
  • Differences in leg lengths
  • Deformities that are present at birth such as clubfeet and dislocated hips, deformities of hand, neck and back and feet
  • Deformities that develop later in childhood such as crooked legs and curved spines (scoliosis)

A pediatric orthopaedist also takes care of acute problems such as

  • Broken bones
  • Infections in bones or joints
  • Tumor in bones

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