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This is excess growth of hair in females over the face, back and other hormone dependant areas. This is due to androgens (male hormones) which are in excess in some women. Common cause of excess androgen include polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Other causes such as androgen secreting tumours also should be kept in mind. Treatment depends on the cause.

Polycystic ovary syndrome in adolescent girls

This is common condition seen in peri-pubertal girls. Irregular menstrual cycle, acne, weight gain are the common presenting features. Ultrasound scan of the ovaries may show multiple cysts. Weight reduction helps to improve symptoms. Medications are required for some patients.


Gynaecomastia is abnormal breast development in males. This is sometimes seen adolescent boys and does not require any treatment. This benign condition should be differentiated from other pathological conditions causing gynaecomastia. Some cases require surgery such as reduction mammoplasty or liposuction.

After effects (management of late endocrine effects of cancer treatment).

Cancer therapies such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery may result in loss of certain endocrine function. Therefore, it is important to follow up the children with cancer, after their treatment to identify and manage their hormonal problems.

Diabetes services for children

There are different types of diabetes. Children almost always suffer from type I diabetes. Type I diabetes occurs due to lack of or insufficiency of insulin in the body. More recently, type II diabetes is also on an increase. This is because of increased incidence of obesity among children. We offer a comprehensive multidisciplinary management of diabetes in children which includes

  • diabetes education.
  • dietary counselling.
  • intensive insulin regimens.
  • continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS).
  • pump therapy where appropriate.
  • regular follow up and screening for associated conditions.

Patient/parent education is an important aspect of management of diabetes. We provide extensive diabetes education to the parents of young children with diabetes. This is done over 3-5 sessions.

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