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MBBS; D Orth; MS Orth, MNAMS Orth, MCh Orth (L’Pool); FHS Derby; FAMS (Reconstn. & Peripheral Nerve Surgery) Vienna; FIMSA; FACS; FRCS Eng.

Senior Consultant – Hand Surgery and Peripheral Nerve Surgery

+91 94869 47080; +91 94812 84751

Dr. Anderson has over 30 years of rich experience in Hand Surgery and Peripheral Nerve Surgery. He has extensive work experience abroad.

Dr. Anderson provides through Apollo Hospitals Bangalore a wide array of skills and competencies for treating all Hand problems and Peripheral Nerve dysfunctions, reflecting the several decades of his specialist experience. Formerly, he was the lead Clinician and Head of the Hand Research unit (Dr Paul Brand Centre for HLRS- the 1st Hand Surgery centre in India) at CMC Hospital, Vellore. During the 30 years of continued service there he was a Professor for 18 years He had Trained, Worked and Qualified abroad on vital aspects of Hand problems and Peripheral Nerve dysfunctions. Some of these are as follows:

  • Small Fragment Fixation Techniques in the Hand at St Gallen, Switzerland
  • Brachial Plexus surgical training: Algeimines Krankenhaus, Vienna, Austria [with the pioneer Prof. Hanno Millesi] at the Clinique Longeraie, Lausanne, Switzerland [under the pioneer Prof. A.O. Narakas]
  • Reconstructive Surgery and Peripheral Nerve Microsurgery: Vienna, Austria
  • Microvascular and Microneural technical training: Nuffield Centre, Oxford, England UK and Northwick Park Hospital, Middlesex, England, UK.
  • Comprehensive Hand Surgery training as practiced in England in: Pulvertaft Hand Centre, Derby, England, UK Hartshill Orthopaedic Hospital, Stoke on Trent, England, UK, and the Princess Margaret Rose Orthopaedic Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

     Over 45000 surgical operations were performed, assisted or supervised by Dr Anderson for diverse Hand conditions and Peripheral Nerve problems in the 30+ years. To his credit he has done the following:

  • 9000 plus Tendon transfers for Paralysis due to various causes affecting the Ulnar Nerve, Median Nerve, Radial Nerve, Common Peroneal Nerve, Sciatic Nerve
  • 15000 plus Hand injury- Repair, Reconstructive or Reimplantations for injuries caused by different agents with varied degrees of severity.
  • 1200 plus Adult & Neonatal (+Children) Brachial Plexus paralysis have been surgically treated by Primary nerve surgery, with over 600 Secondary reconstructions for the same
  • 3000 plus Peripheral Nerve surgeries for Nerve injuries in the hand, forearm and legs
  • 600 plus Tumours and Swellings of the Hand have been treated by various surgeries.
  • 300 plus Wrist operations for Scaphoid fractures, Carpal dissociations, Kienböck’s disease and other wrist dysfunctions
  • 350 plus Operations for Volkmann’s Ischaemic Contracture in Children were done.
  • Several 100s of Children’s Hand problems

Others include: Cerebral Palsy Hands, Congenital Deformity or deficiency in Children, Burns contracture in the hand, Various acute and Chronic Infections of the Hand. Dr Anderson is an authority in the Management of several difficult Hand problems and Nerve injuries. He has proposed suitable protocols of care for several conditions in India.

Teacher and Professor:
     He has been a teacher throughout his career, imparting knowledge and surgical skills of his Speciality to MBBS undergraduates, MS Orthopaedics, MCh Plastic Surgery and MD Rehabilitation Medicine postgraduates; and to Foreign graduates that come to India on an Elective to train in Hand Surgery. He started the Post doctoral Fellowship in Hand Surgery at CMC Hospital with the principle aim to capacity build in this specialised field. He headed the Hand Therapy unit at CMC Vellore. He has delivered over 90 Guest Lectures at International and national conferences and has conducted 3 major Hand Surgery courses in India. He had been a visiting Professor to over 12 University centres abroad in the USA, UK, South Africa, Norway, Ethiopia, etc., participating as a Resource Faculty and demonstrating surgical Operations. He was Chairman of the Hand Surgery section of Indian Orthopaedic Association continuously for 6 years. He is a Life Member of 7 scientific societies and Reviewer/ assistant editor for 5 indexed Journals

  • Adult brachial Plexus: Early Nerve Repair / Nerve grafting / Nerve Transfer
  • Birth Palsy: early Nerve Repair/ Nerve grafting
  • Reconstruction for Late Adult Brachial Plexus injuries and Birth Palsy in children
  • Peripheral Nerve repairs in the Upper limbs and Lower Limbs.
  • Wrist Fractures and Dissociations: Scaphoid /Lunate fractures; SL dissociation
  • Tendon repairs, Tendon transfers
  • Care of Hands Acutely Injured & Hands with Chronic deformities
  • Muscle / Joint Reconstruction for old Nerve injuries: Hand, Forearm, Foot and Leg
  • Hand Tumours and Swellings: Management by Excision, Reconstruction and /or Replacement
  • Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel, Tarsal Tunnel, Thoracic Outlet syndrome Decompression
  • De Quervain’s, Trigger Fingers/Thumb release
  • Surgery for Children’s hand problems (Paediatric Hand Surgery): Congenital deformities, Cerebral Palsy, swellings and Infections,etc.

Professor Anderson has published on multiple aspects of his specialty in international and national journals besides in Conference proceedings, CME publications etc. A representative sample of publications on varied topics is herewith included:

Publications & Reviews

  • Opponensplasty by the Extensor Indicis and Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Tendon Transfer, J Hand Surg (Br). 1992. 17B: 611-614.
  • Cysticercosis of Flexor Digitorum Profundus Muscle Producing Flexion Deformity of the Fingers, J Hand Surg (Br.& Euro Vol.). 1993; 18B:360-362 [With Dr Sushil Chandy]
  • Cancer Associated with Leprosy, Ind J Lepr, 1994; 66 :3: 321-33
  • Low dose intermittent factor replacement for post-operative haemostasis in Haemophilia. In Haemophilia (Br) 1998. Vol.4:799-801. [With Dr Alok Srivastava,et al) ]
  • Arthrodesis of Flail and Partially Flail Wrists: Using Dynamic Compression Plate without Bone Grafting. J Bone Joint Surg (Br). 2000. Vol 82B: 566-570. (With Dr Binu P. Thomas)
  • Non-union of Scaphoid Fractures: Treatment by the Fisk-Fernandez Technique. Ind. Jl Orth, 2000. Vol.34: 4: 275-279. ( with Dr Binu P. Thomas)
  • Review Article: Peripheral Nerve Injuries: Current Aspects of PNI, Effects of injury and Evaluation. Asian Jl Ortho. & Rheum., 2006. 3 (3) IJCP Publn. (with Dr Binu Thomas, SCR Pallapati).
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