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MBBS, MD (Academic surgery), MRCS (Eng, Ed, Glas), MRCSI (Dub), FRCS (Gen.Surg), EBSQ (European Board of Surgery – Coloproctology), PGDMLE (NLSIU).

Senior consultant – Colorectal Surgery (Colorectal, Peritoneal & Pelvic oncology) Laparoscopic & Robotic surgery, Honorary senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London

+91 81970 88434

First Indian Surgeon to be certified by European Academy of Robotic Colorectal Surgery (EARCS). Dr Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah is a Senior Consultant in the Department of Colorectal Surgery / surgical oncology for Karnataka Region at Apollo Institute of Colorectal Surgery.

He completed his MBBS from Bangalore University, Surgical memberships (MRCS) from the college or surgeons from England, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin, MD (Academic surgery) from University, FRCS from the intercollegiate board (UK) and FEBS from the European board of examinations.

Prior to joining Apollo Group he served as Consultant general and colorectal surgeon at Princess Alexandra hospital in Essex, UK. He holds the position of honorary senior lecturer in the Queen Mary University of London.

He undertook Medical degree from Bangalore University (India); Rest of the Structured surgical training was in Great Britain. Basic surgical training was undertaken in the University of Newcastle, followed by a higher research degree from the University of Hull. Higher surgical training was undertaken from the Welsh Surgical School & London Postgraduate School of Surgery on the South Thames training circuit National Training number. This was followed by fellowships at the Royal London, St Marks, The Royal Marsden & the Christie. The European training was undertaken in Germany (Erlangen) and Portugal (Champaulimaud foundation / EARCS – Lisbon). Time was spent at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in USA.

He holds memberships from the college of surgeons of England, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin. A fellow of the Inter collegiate board of surgeons (UK) and is certified by the European board of surgery. He has to his merit, visiting fellowships to India, France, Germany, Thailand and USA. He is a recipient of number of awards and travel fellowships. He has Academic research interest on Cancer health outcomes, translational research and psycho-oncology.

He has previously held positions as Surgical Tutor for Royal College of Surgeons, England. He was a core member for Laparotomy outcomes review group (LORG) & Mortality review group (MoRG) in Essex, UK. He has been a surgical lead for Endoscopy users group and a key member for the Quality Improvement in Surgery (QIPS) at Essex, UK

On the research front his interests are on Precision onco-surgery, Psycho-oncology, Decision making and Health outcomes in Surgery. Has published and lectured nationally and internationally. He has been an invited speaker on a number of subjects. Some of which are Precision onco-surgery, Decision making, Thromboprophylaxis and Surgical stress response.

He is a key opinion leader on Precision colonic onco-surgery & is a reviewer for Medical Practice and Reviews – An open access journal. He is on the editorial team for the colorectal surgical section in Clinics in Surgery Journal. He has been a reviewer for BMJ Action Sets and accompanying evidence summary pages.

He is passionate about teaching and teaches on the FRCS courses and advanced skills courses. Has been a convenor for PLAB exams in the past.


He is also a faculty Member on various examination courses for FRCS and an examiner for the EBSQ coloproctology exams.
Dr Narasimhaiah S is an authority in his field, a scholarly physician with vast experience in colorectal surgical oncological surgery. Administratively, clinically and scientifically is keen to contribute to the development of our colorectal program at Apollo Group.

He is a writer, researcher, teacher and an innovator. He is passionate about natural farming, Horticulture and tropical forestry. Healthcare education has been his passion and a way to repay his social debt to the society.  Project CANFRI ( is very close to his heart, since he believes in health education being the driver for our future health. Cancer is a major health care issue and prevention is the key for success. “Education is the investment for future, Health education is the key to healthy future” he says.

He currently is the Director of Health Sciences Park, Bangalore & is the founder of CANFRI.ORG (A charitable CSR venture) & (A wellness & healthcare venture) both based in rural Bangalore.

My Consultant practice till date has encompassed General and colorectal surgical oncology.

I am Currently Head of Colo-rectal services for the state of Karnataka. I also head the Robotic services for colorectal surgery.

As a part of my higher surgical training, I undertook generic, specialist and sub-specialty training in Colo-rectal, pelvic and peritoneal oncology. St. Marks, the Royal Marsden and the Christie were centers of specialist tertiary colo-rectal practice. Following completion of general surgical and trauma training, I have embarked on advanced colo-rectal training involving minimally invasive, exenterational and cyto-reductive surgery.  I have spent time at St. Marks hospital gaining skill and exposure in MAS (Laparoscopy, SILS & TAMIS), advanced proctology, Pelvic floor,  Intestinal failure, IBD, Polyposis, re-do surgery, recurrent rectal cancers and exenterational surgery. A short fellowship in MAS (Laparoscopy, Robotics) & Exenterational surgery at the Royal Marsden was undertaken. This was followed by a further fellowship in Colorectal, Peritoneal, and Pelvic Oncology with emphasis on Cyto-reductive surgery & HIPEC at the Christie in Manchester, where there was exposure to MIS (Laparoscopy & Robotics).  I was appointed as a laparoscopic colorectal surgeon at Princess Alexandra hospital in Essex in Spring 2017.Further knowledge, skill and experience augmentation has been done from oncology fellowships undertaken at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New-York and Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal.

I am building my experience and expertise on minimally invasive (Laparoscopy / SILS / Robotics) surgery. In addition to the generic benign and malignant colorectal work, I provide service around advanced pelvic onco-surgery and peritoneal surface malignancies (Cyto-reductive surgery + HIPEC).

My placements in district hospitals, Trauma centers and Tertiary referral centers have exposed me to a broad generality of Trauma, general and colorectal surgery (open and laparoscopic). I am a JAG accredited upper and lower GI endoscopist and Trainer. Placements post CCT fellowships exposed me to a broad spectrum of tertiary referral practice in colorectal / anal cancers, laparoscopy, pelvic exenterational surgery, Cytoreductive surgery, Robotics and advanced pelvic surgery. In addition knowledge and skills relevant to advanced proctology, IBD, Polyposis, Intestinal failure, pelvic floor and complex colorectal cases were gained. I undertake Ano-rectal physiology and am training at EAUS skills.

Health outcomes research and patient orientated qualitative research are of great interest to me. Management of low rectal cancers, recurrent cancers and peritoneal carcinomatosis are challenging. I would like to weave together my research expertise, clinical acumen and judgement in the decision making process, integrating patient choices into the decision making process of this complex clinical entity. I started my consultant practice on a broad base with both general and colorectal work.  Emergency, endoscopy, proctology, general surgery benign and laparoscopic colorectal resections are what I have undertaken in my initial years of my practice. I am now building on my experience with low rectal cancers, recurrent cancers, exenterational surgery and peritoneal malignancies. Being a keen academic with an interest in research, training and teaching, I am nurturing ties with other sub-specialty centers for building on complex work, research, teaching and training.

His areas of interest are in Cancer surgery (colonic / rectal/ anal / appendiceal / pelvic and peritoneal). His work also includes proctology, inflammatory bowel disease, Diverticulosis and all aspects of functional and pelvic floor problems. He is a Laparoscopic and robotic surgeon.


Cancer services:

  • Malignant colorectal and anal disorders
    • Open Colonic CME, Anterior resections, Rectal TME, APER,
    • Laparoscopic, SILS & robotic resections.
    • Trans anal TME, TEMS and trans-anal excisions.
  • Inherited genetic disorders & polyposis syndromes: Diagnosis, Surveillance, Treatment, Genetic services, risk assessment, prophylactic surgery and follow up.
  • Advanced cancer surgery: E-LAPER, Anterior pelvic exenteration, central, posterior and total pelvic exenteration. Low and high sacrectomies, Lateral side wall excision and lymphadenectomies (Lateral pelvic and groin).
  • Peritoneal cancer services : Cyto-reductive surgery and HIPEC therapy
  • Rare cancers : Presacral tumours, retro-rectal lesions, cordomas

 Outpatient services

  • Tertiary referrals, New referrals and follow ups
  • Colorectal  cancer screening and surveillance

Benign colorectal and anal services: Anal Fissures, Anal Fistula, Hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, Pilonidal sinus disease and perineal hidradenitis.

Inflammatory & Infective: Colitis, Ulcerative colitis, Crohns colitis, Tubercular colitis and Diverticular colitis. Colectomy, Sub-total colectomy, Pan procto-colectomy and pouch services 

Functional bowel disorders: Anal incontinence, Constipation, Diarrhea, Irritable bowel syndromes

Pelvic floor services: Obstructive defaecation syndrome, prolapse surgery (Perineal and abdominal), obstetric injuries, sphincter repairs and recto-vaginal fistula service.

Joint Uro-Gynaecological services: Endometriosis, obstetric injuries, advanced uro-gynaecological cancers

Ano-rectal physiology, Endo-anal ultrasound and Bio-feedback services 

Peri-anal pain & skin problems: Proctalgia fugax, Coccydynia, perineal pain & anal itch. 

Stoma services & Therapies

  • Stomal education
  • Appliances
  • Psycho-therapy

 Intestinal failure, Dietetics and nutrition services 

Hernia services: Complex abdominal wall hernia & Parastomal hernia.

Wellness clinics: Bowel care clinics


For Detailed publication visit

 Peer Reviewed Articles

  1. Chandrasinghe P, Srinivasaiah N , Warusavitarne J et al (2017). Transanal total mesorectal excision (TaTME) for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): review of technique and initial experience. Sri Lanka Journal of Surgery. 35(4), pp.3–7. DOI:
  2. Haywood M, Molyneux C, Mahadevan V, Srinivasaiah N: Right colic artery anatomy: a systematic review of cadaveric studies. Tech Coloproctol. 2017 Dec;21(12):937-943. PMID: 29196959
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Case series / Case reports / Surgical techniques

  1. Constipation and Cannabis – Whats the link? – A case report and review of literature. Sekhon H, Srinivasaiah N. British Journal of Hospital Medicine. In press.
  2. Stapled Bowel Anastomosis: A Technical Tip. Harrison S, Srinivasaiah N, Benziger H. Stapled Bowel Anastomosis: A Technical Tip. Clin Surg. 2016; 1: 1195.
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  9. Srinivasaiah N, Reddy R R, Vetrivel S, Irwin L. Limb tourniquet syndrome – A cautionary tale.. Injury Extra (2008) V 39 (4), 140 – 142.


Abstracts:  There are over 50 abstracts published in peer review journals

Books:  Decision making in Surgery and Cancer care


Editor: srossi; ISBN-13: 978-3-659-83834-7 ; (ISBN-10: 3659838349); (EAN: 9783659838347), Published on: 2016-07-26

Blurb/Short text: “The decision-making process represents a more complex cognitive exercise than the actual delivery of a health care intervention.” – Srinivasaiah. This book explores the complex cognitive process and psychology of decision making in surgery and cancer care. Decision-making is a vital part of surgical practice and yet there is a paucity of readily available high quality surgical sciences research. This book presents the methodological details and summarises this area on a global platform. Decision-making is multi-factorial: clinical research evidence, health outcome measures (quality of life, health-related quality of life), clinician factors (knowledge, skill, expertise, judgment), patient factors (socio-economic, education, cultural), nursing factors, translational research, and resource infrastructure, all play a role. Modern health care is moving towards a patient centred care approach and evidence based patient choice and decision making clearly has a greater role to play. Decision-making is at the heart of this process and this book provides a comprehensive introduction and global overview of this essential area of clinical practice.

Chapters in Books

  1. Srinivasaiah N and Drew P J. Quality Of Life Issues in Breast Surgery. Recent Advances In Surgery (2007) Ed: 30, Chapter 5, RSM Press. ISBN- 9781853157202
  2. Srinivasaiah N, Hubbard A. Ultrasound Appearances of Benign and Malignant Breast Disease. Interventional Ultrasound of the Breast (2007), Chapter 5, Informa Healthcare. ISBN: 9781841844169


Short articles / Correspondence / Letters / Fellowship reports

  1. Temporal artery biopsy: time matters! Sait MR, Srinivasaiah N. Intern Med J. 2017 Dec;47(12):1465.

PMID: 29224203

  1. Spontaneous rectal perforation post neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy and loop stoma – ANZ Journal of

Surgery Razick, Srinivasaiah et al Sait MR, Srinivasaiah N. ANZ J Surg. 2017 Oct;87(10):851. PMID 28975741

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  9. Immigration Policy for Overseas Trainees. Srinivasaiah N, Yalamuri R. BMJ 2006; 332: 616


Electronic publications

  1. New Breast Referrals from Symptomatic Clinic and All New Breast Cancers. Srinivasaiah N, Rateme` A,

Carpenter R. St Bart’s Hospital, London. In BASO Database. Apr – Oct 2001.

Web Publications

  1. Mark’s grand round presentation. Decision making in Cancer care – A global perspective – Srinivasaiah N. 2015.
  2. Mark’s grand round presentation. Thrombo-prophylaxis in colorectal surgery – Srinivasaiah N. 2015.
  3. Surgical Scoring Methods – Srinivasaiah N. 2005. http;//Northumbria surgery/presentation/ sur scoring final.ppt
  4. Umbilicus and Its Pathologies – Srinivasaiah N. 2006. http;//Northumbria surgery/presentation umbilicus pathologies_1.ppt


Images: Left sided gall bladder. Srinivasaiah N, Seymour K – Snapshots in surgery, Br J Surg 2008; 95: 3: 362

Media publications

  1. When cancer makes it imperative to rethink Diet – A times of India article, 18th Feb 2018
  2. Decision making in Cancer care Economic Times 


Recognitions :

A few amongst the multiple awards in recognition include the Nomination for the ASIT Silver Scalpel Award for excellence in Surgical Training.

The Sir Cecil Wakeley Medal for excellence in clinical research for the paper: The Right Colic Artery: an anatomical demonstration and its relevance in the laparoscopic era, Nomination for the SARS prize, Gerald Townsley Award, ASGBI / BJS Overseas Surgical Fellowship, Nominee for -The President’s Prize presentation, BAPRAS, Gwilym Griffith Travelling Fellowship (Welsh Surgical Society), Royal Society of Medicine award, ACPGBI Travelling Fellowship to ASCRS / Tripartite Meeting in Boston , USA  – 2008, “Glaxo – SmithKline fellowship” (RSM Young fellow): RSM (Coloproctology) nominee as “most promising Trainee”, RSM Travelling Fellowship to RSM Coloproctology Overseas Meeting, Paris – 2007, BJS prize nominee for the ACPGBI annual meeting 2007, Glasgow , UK etc

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