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Head – Imaging and Interventions, Dept of Radiology

+91 991 602 7801

Dr. Govindarajan Head’s the Deapertment of Radiology and is highly skilled Interventional Radiologist having more than a decade of experience in this field. He has good communication skills, healthy and optimal interaction with referring clinicians.

  • He has worked as Consultant Radiologist in various Hospitals in Bangalore..
  • Experience in – Radiography, DSA, Ultrasound with Doppler, digital mammography, PET CT scan and 3T MRI.
  • Experience in treating Hepatocellular carcinoma – TACE, TARE, RFA, PEA.
    • Intra-arterial chemotherapy in Limb sarcomas and head and neck carcinomas.
    • Interventionalradiology-Vascular, Non-surgical management of HCC, Biliary, Biopsy & Aspirations, Pigtail drainage, Fiducial placement, Venous interventions, RFA, Alcohol ablations, IACT, etc.
  • Oncoimaging.
  • Oncointerventions.
  • Emergency Radiology.
  • Teleradiology.
  • Technical note: Preprocedural PET/CT, guidance for fine needle aspiration cytology of a lung mass, MJ Govindarajan, ArjunKalyanpur, KR Nagaraj, H Ravikumar, KG Kallur, PS Sridhar Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging, Year 2008, Volume 18.
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  • Technical note: Image guided internal fiducial placement for stereotacticradiosurgery (CyberKnife)Govindarajan Janardan Mallarajapatna, Sridhar PapaiahSusheela, Kumar GangadharaiahKallur, NagarajKanakapuraRamanna, PrashantGuthluRamachandra, Sudhakar, ShivakumarSwamyShivalingappa, Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging, Year 2011, Volume 21, Issue 1 [p. 3-5], DOI: 10.4103/0971-3026.76043 PMID: 21431022.
  • 2002 – Pre-operative CT evaluation of gastric adenocarcinoma with surgical correlation-Abstract presentation in annual conference, IRIA, Calcutta.
  • 2007 – PET CT as a guiding tool for CT guided biopsy – Paper presentation at nuclearmedicine conference at Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.
  • 2008 – Comparison between CT guided and PET CT guided biopsy outcomes – Paperpresentation at IRIA annual conference, Bangalore, India.
  • 2008 – Co-authored digital poster presentation at UKRC, Vienna in June 2008- ‘radiologicalsigns in acute abdomen’ published in The BJR supplement.
  • 2011-abstract on’ role of MR spectroscopy in prostate cancer’ as oral presentation at IRIA, national conference at New Delhi in Jan 2011.
  • 2011 -Abstract on ‘Feasibility of CT guided internal fiducial placement for stereotacticradiosurgery of inoperable pancreatic cancer’ oral presentation at ECR 2011, Vienna.
  • 2011 -Abstract on ‘Blood path technique to reduce incidence of pneumothorax in patientswith CT guided lung procedure’ – digital poster presentation at ECR 2011, Vienna.
  • 2012 –co-authored Abstract on ‘role of Ga 68 DOTANOC scan in oncogenic osteomalasia’ at ECR 2012, Vienna.
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  • Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) Value on MR Imaging as a Marker ofTreatment Response in Prostate Cancer. Abstract accepted for poster presentation in ASTRO 2012. Govindarajan Mallarajapatna, P. S. Sridhar, R. K. Nagaraj, D. Indresh, S. Shivkumar, K. G. Kallur, G. Prashanth, S. Sudhakar, B. S.Ajaikumar, Health Care Global – Bangalore Institute of Oncology, Bangalore, India.

Four More manuscripts have been submitted to various journals and are under evaluation.

  • Guest lectures
    • IRIA annual CME – Karnataka chapter – 2009.
    • IRIA annual CME – Karnataka chapter – 2010.
    • ARICON – Bangalore – 2011.
    • imaging in lung cancer – Kolkata –Dec. 2011.
    • imaging in lung cancer – CME at Command Hospial, Bangalore – 2012

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