Hospital Facilities

Intercontinental Food

The hospital is equipped to serve Continental and Intercontinental cuisine customized for the patients to suite their palate. This makes our patients feel comfortable & facilitates a speedy recovery.


The parking at Apollo Bangalore is designed to be customer friendly, the parking space can accommodate about 250 cars & 350 two wheelers at any given time. To relive the stress of walk-in patients to the hospital there is valet parking facility.


The hospital has both broadband connectivity & is Wifi enabled, patients can access internet in the patient rooms & Wifi in the lounge.

Laundry Services

At Apollo, we take pride in putting our customers first. We have a unique understanding of the needs of our patients. We have a good support staff who are polite to help you with laundry services.

Telecommunication Services

Telephone access to STD & ISD are provided in the patients rooms to make their hospital stay comfortable.

Interpretation Services

Translators or Interpreters for various languages are available for your easy communication. For assistance please contact Reception.

Bank & ATM

There is an ATM within the hospital premises to facilitate easy access to the cash in case of any requirements

Money Transfer & Currency Exchange

Money transfer to the patient account in the hospital can be done through swift banking, so is the currency exchange where the money is transferred to the hospital account in the bank which exchanges the currency & credits it to the respective patients account for billing purpose. We do have a currency exchange facility in hospital and also western union money transfer located 100mts away from the facility.

Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe coffee day, India’s most popular chain of coffee shops is housed within the hospital premises for people to de-stress over a cup of coffee.

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